Kinloch Shep


Anna´s Beschreibung:

Shep ist ein talentierter Rüde aus England. Super im Agility und sehr vielversprechend im hüten. Sein Vater ist der bekannte Rüde - Pennant William´s Sweep. Er hat viele gute Arbeitshunde als Welpen. Shep ist energiereich, schnell und agil. Er ist sehr nett zu anderen Hunden und Menschen. Ein sehr schneller Lerner mit viel will to please und easy to handle.


Mittlerweile durfte ich Shep selbst schon ein paar mal treffen. Er ist ein sehr freundlicher Rüde, der Hunde und Menschen sehr freudlich begrüßt. Im Agility ist er sehr fokusiert und kann es nicht erwarten in den Parcoure zu kommen. Ich merke jedes mal wie stark Taavi nach seinem Papa kommt.


Anna´s Describtion:

"Kinloch Shep is talented lad imported from UK. Excellent agility dog and also very promising sheepdog. His father is amazing famous british sire - Pennant William's Sweep. He produced many fantastic working dogs. Shep is high drive, very fast, agile with very good jumping technique. Very friendly to dogs and people. Very biddable, fast learner. Easy to handle with will to please. Perfect match for Zoey."


Since now I met Shep on some competitions. He is a very friendly dog to people and dogs. In Agility he is really focused and caint wait to get in the course. Everytime when I met him, I recognize how similar Taavi is.



one of his first agility competitions:



Dreamwork Zoey

weight: 14kg 

height: +/- 47cm    



ED: 0/0 

DNA CEA/CH: Normal 

DNA TNS: Normal

DNA IGS: Normal


Herding Working Test (HWT FCI): passed (04.07.15)


Beschreibung von Anna/Describtion from Anna:

"Zoey is my herding champion :) Her first time on sheep was amazing (she was 18 months old already). From the beginning she knew what she has to do. I was really impressed by her! She has loved it from first seconds so few months later I bought sheep for her :)) She was working with our small flock everyday and she was great in that, I could always rely on her.

She really loves dogfrisbee too, she is fast and focus. She learns very quickly, already does very nice (high) voults and flips. We will work on it too :)  

Zoey is a very sweet girl. Loves cuddling, chilling on the couch, but she also LOVES working and that's her life;-) 

She is rather soft dog in everyday life, but strong at work. She can focuse on me and work with me everywhere. Very fast learning. Loves retrieving. High drive dog. Toy&food motivated. She has definitely 'will to please'. She is always ready to work (no matter which one). But she has 'on/off switch' too and she doesn't have problems with resting. In the house she is very calm and just loves staying in the bed:)) "


Auch Zoey habe ich immer wieder getroffen, seitdem Fate an meiner Seite ist. Ich mag Sie einfach, genau der Typ BC die ich liebe. Bei der Arbeit sehr selbstbewusst und nimmt Korrekturen ohne Probleme an. Im Alltag ist sie etwas softer, super zum handlen. Sie ist sehr offen und liebt es zu kuscheln.


Since Fate is on my side I met her several times. She is the type of BC I really really like and love. At work really confident and take corrections without any Problems. She loves to cuddle and is really open.



Her first video: :) 

Her second video frisbee&tricks: 

Few seconds from agility:

4th & 5th agility training